About Me

Sterre de Jong 

I was born in Deventer in 1989, and after having lived in Stockholm and Amsterdam, I relocated to Utrecht in 2020. 
As a professional in the creative industries, I profile myself as being versatile. However, if you go looking for me, you will most likely find me somewhere within the film or cultural industry.
As an independent producer in the documentary field, a programmer for festivals and organisations, a moderator for panels or events, a researcher... or just somewhere in between where I can make a contribution to the world and beauty of all that is film.
I look for challenges and the possibility to be amazed and to grow in everything I do, and to not be held back by preconceived standards of what is logical or expected. This started with me leaving my very normal public school behind in 8th grade for a more creative Waldorf school, and studying Scandinavian Languages and Cultures with a major in Swedish for two years, whilst developing in the documentary sector. 

For a full and very official looking resume, you're welcome to check out my LinkedIn page. 
But if you want to know more about my skills and motivation behind what I do, take a look below!


I've always found it amusing, that whenever people attend an event, watch a film or are part of a team in one way or the other, you never hear about how well something is produced.

Certainly, you hear about it when it's not! But when everything behind the scenes is well taken care of, and it all becomes natural and intuitive, the work of a producer has become... invisible.

In my life,  I have always taken pride in my organisational skills and effectiveness in managing many different projects at once, and finding solutions for problems that arise.

I receive joy from taking charge, and making sure people are free to do what they do best, with me facilitating their work in the best way possible. 


For me, creating a film together with a crew, running an event with different departments or keeping track or everything related to the business side of the arts, is what makes me happy.

After working as a freelancer for a number of years, I took the step of also becoming an independent producer in 2020.


Take a look at some of the film projects I produced as an independent producer, or visit my LinkedIn profile to see which other projects I was involved in.



Culture is how we enrich our lives, how we get inspired, informed and how we connect with people around us. 

An enticing event will leave us wondering for days, will motivate us to do things differently or will open up a world for us that was out of reach before. 

Coming from a storytelling background, I realised quite early on that some stories are meant to be shared live, in the company of an audience, through a collection of speakers offered to the public. And putting together panels, masterclasses or special events was something that fitted very well with my skills in producing. 

For film festivals and organisations I have the privilege to find these ​speakers and to organise events that revolve around important topics or inspirational matters that are relevant for a specific audience.  

Take a better look at some programmings I did.



Who doesn't enjoy a good talk every now and then?What I enjoy even more, is a well-balanced discussion or program, that dives into the important matters at hand and incorporates questions that arise from the audience. 


As the occasional moderator, I am known for doing ample research beforehand, and that I am also not afraid to stir the pot every now and then by asking surprising questions! 



How much do we really know about a topic? 

Sometimes, it takes a thorough research to get to a specific character, location, solution or speaker. And it's a challenge to find what you are looking for. 

As a researcher, I have worked for a number of employers, and I am known as well to often help out people who are in need of some assistance ;)