Baas in Eigen Zak

(Ball Sack Boss)

A short documentary on the male perspective on birth control, and their role in it.

Expected release: Summer/Fall 2021


Director / Linnet Deen

Producer / Sterre de Jong

Cinematography / Tom Enzler

Editing / Goos van den Berg 

Sound Freek Vrijhof  
Music / TBA

Broadcaster / VPRO

Funding / CoBO, Dutch Film Fund

Photography: Ilyas Gün

Length / 25 minutes

Format / HD-Digital

Language / Dutch

Subtitles / English


Planned release / 2021

Distribution / TBA

Linnet Deen

"I feel it's time for a paradigm shift in how we feel, think and talk about birth control. 



My film aims to change the narrative and make men more aware of the role they play. 



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Source: As/Is

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