Mies (2019)

Mies, in her early twenties, seems an average woman at first glance. When she is fine, she opens up to the outside world, but this can all change within seconds, when the voices inside her head take over. This documentary zooms in on the experiences and perceptions of this young woman, who is mentally ill and sometimes confined for months to the closed section of a clinic. Will she ever be able, like other people, to shape her own life? Or is it impossible to escape the voices and thoughts in her head?


Director / Mirthe Fernandes

Producer / Mirthe Fernandes

Co-producer / Sterre de Jong 

Editing / Fons Posthouwer

Sound  Julius Rense
Music / Nozem Audio

Grading / Jordy Holtslag

Utrecht School of the Arts 

Poster Mies de Film.jpg

Length / 25 minutes

Format / HD-Digital

Language / Dutch

Subtitles / English


Release / 2019

Mirthe Fernandes

Mirthe Fernandes is a documentary director from the Netherlands and a 2019 graduate of the Utrecht School of the Arts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht / HKU). 
Her films are often characterised by strong societal themes and an artistic approach that creates a heartfelt connection for the audience with the subjects and people portrayed.

"My ambitions are making and creating concepts and films/documentaries. In my work you can see a reflection from a unseen society in one or a few individuals. I am looking with film eye's and try to make the world for a few minutes a little more empathic for everyone. "

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