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N for Neutral (2016)

It seems to be one of the most simple rules that we learn from basic biology: the difference between men and women. But what happens when you make the decision to not let this divide play a role in society? What happens to a community when gender neutrality becomes the norm? For my graduation documentary at the HKU film school, I went to Sweden to find an answer to this question. 


Here, initiatives like norm critical children’s books, neutral changing rooms and gender neutral pronouns seemed to be the latest trend. More recently, it  has also been on the rise in my own home country of the Netherlands. 


Since the film was released, I have been invited to take part in discussions and programmes on gender neutrality and have been interviewed by Radio 1 and NRC Handelsblad about the subject. 




For more information on the subject, or if you would also like to invite the film or me to a programme of yours, please send me a message through the contact page. 

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Director / Sterre de Jong

Producer / Sterre de Jong

Cinematography / Jordi Welschen

Sound Jesper Bauer
Music / Pim van den Heuvel 

School / Utrecht School of the Arts

Length / 25 minutes

Format / HD-Digital

Language / Dutch, English, Swedish

Subtitles / English


Planned release / 2021

Distribution / TBA


NRC Handelsblad artikel N For