Whenever you attend a masterclass, workshop, panel discussion or specialized event, you hope to come out inspired, energized and motivated. Meaningful and impactful programming can truly give your career or quest for knowledge a boost, inform you about matters you knew less about before and give you that creative impulse for new adventures. 

In my work as a Programmer, I worked within film festivals and other organizations to set up a series of events and/or tailor-made programs, that cater to professional film industry audiences.

NFF Professionals 

(Netherlands Film Festival)

Since 2018 I have been involved in the creation of The Netherlands FIlm Festival Professionals, or Industry Program. 

Starting off with assistance in setting up the 2018 NFF Conference, my position evolved in 2019 into the Program Producer for the NFF Conference, Masterclasses & Seminars and Special Events. 

The NFF Professionals Program is a four day event taking place within the Netherlands Film Festival in the fall. Our program brings together professionals from all branches of the Dutch audiovisual industry, and invites experts from all across the world to join as speakers in enticing conversations

and inspiring masterclasses. 

For more information, visit our website.

VERS Events

(Society for new filmmakers)

Since 2017 I have been programming and producing for VERS, the society for new filmmakers in The Netherlands.

VERS programs monthly events specifically aimed at young and beginning filmmakers, at the start of the first few years of their careers, or during their studies at film school. 

Alongside our monthly event in Vondel CS, the heart of Amsterdam, we also work together with film festivals and organisations in the programming of specialised events, writers rooms and development programs. 

VERS also has an online and offline magazine, an active website and two festivals showcasing new talent; one in the summer under the warm summer sky, and one in the winter where prizes are handed out to promising new filmmakers.

In my role as the Coordinator of VERS Events, I manage a team of around 8 motivated producers, and have a seat on the board.

Visit VERS here.


Go Short Campus

(Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen)

In 2017 and 2018 I was the Campus Coordinator at the Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. 

The New Arrivals: Go Short Campus is an exclusive tailor-made talent program, allowing 20 young filmmakers from Europe and the Middle East to participate in a 5-day development Program. 

After being selected as one of the participants in 2016, I applied for the role of coordinator the following year. 

My role existed of programming and producing a five day event filled with masterclasses and workshops, and being a host and coach for 20 young international filmmakers. 

In 2019 I was also invited back as one of the panellists during the pitches of that year's partcipants.

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