My company Sterre de Jong Producties first started as a way for me to work as a freelancer for documentary production companies and other employers within the film and cultural sector. However I have always known that one day I wanted to use my skills and knowledge and set up my own "house"; a place for directors to realize their ideas and dreams and interesting films to be made. 

In 2019 I took the first step in becoming an independent producer for documentary film, and took on two projects I was strongly inspired by. 

The ambition for Sterre de Jong Producties is not to become a fulltime production company, I have every intent to keep working in different sectors. 

In doing so, I have the opportunity to choose quality over quantity, and have the space for creating a deep and personal relationship with the directors I want to work with. The films I take on do not carry the burden of having to keep my company afloat, which gives the process time to breathe. 

Do you want to pitch me your ideas for a documentary film? Make sure to reach out to me!

Highlighted Projects